Bobbin Storage – an accidental find……

Isn’t it strange how ideas occur! My husband wanted a very small mirror to stick on to his golf putter to practice along with a laser beam to improve his accuracy.  ‘Where will I find a small mirror?’ he asked. Well as you can imagine this was an urgent request. One had to be found immediately! We popped along to one of the little cheapie Chinese shops and I found a little lipstick holder which had the perfect sized mirror for him. It cost about 50 pence!  So, we pushed the boat out and bought two.

Two lipstick holders for bobbin storage

As soon as we got home he removed the mirror and found it was the perfect size, so I had one happy husband who continued to amuse himself playing with his putter.

Mirror removed ready for adding an attractive display

The discarded lipstick case lay on my sewing table looking very forlorn and I was about to throw it in the bin, with that ‘such a pity, what a waste’ feeling, when my brain began to tick over thinking ‘what can I use this for?’ And then the brainwave occurred like a flash. Bobbin storage! Would they fit though? And the answer is …. yes, it was a perfect size.

So, I quickly sewed together a few scraps of fabric, bonded them to a piece of heavy interfacing and stuck it inside the lipstick case to make it a little more attractive.

Bonded patchwork display added to box for bobbin storage

And voila! It was ready to grace my sewing room. Then I thought, what an excellent idea for a gift for sewing friends. So, I am off to the Chinese shop to buy more. They are incredibly quick and fun to sew and make cute inexpensive presents.

Ooohhh and thank you to the man now cluttering our ‘lounge/putting green’ with golf balls! Go Tiger go!

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  1. What a cool idea! Darn, I don’t have a Chinese shop anywhere near me…

    I really like how cute the bobbin cases turned out…

  2. What a brilliant idea! And your little patchwork on the top is cute! Nice “up-cycling”!!

  3. Wonderful idea!

  4. What a fun idea! Turned out pretty good to get two items out of one!

  5. wendy bontempelli says:

    Yes, brilliant idea for both golfer and sewer. Just love the bobbin holder, what a lovely gift. I wonder where the nearest Chinese shop is to here?

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