Organising My Fabric Stash

I decided it was time to organise my fabric stash into some sort of manageable order, so that I am able to find the colour/piece of fabric that I need more easily. Up until now the fabrics have been tucked away in many different drawers, boxes & bags and it has often been an ordeal trying to find the piece of fabric that I want.

So, the first thing I needed to do was to buy a unit that I can store my fabrics in and see at a glance. After a lot of thought and measuring, I opted for an Ikea shelf unit and clear boxes plus some tiered rattan baskets from Sainsbury’s. They fitted into my available space perfectly.

The next step was to try and sort out the pile of mixed fabrics into some sort of a system that would enable me to file them.

Sorting the Stash

I decided to file them into theme types. For example, batiks, brights, pastels etc. I sorted the brights and stacked them in colour order ie reds, yellows, blues, greens etc.

Arranging in Colour Order

Some fabrics just do not fit into a single colour category as they are multi-coloured, so I have grouped these together seperately.

Multi-Coloured Fabrics

I tried to ensure that each piece was folded to a similar width to fit the chosen box that they would be stored in. It was important that each piece was stacked with the fold on it’s upper edge and that these folded edges were all together.

All Folded Edges Together

Some pieces of fabric are not square or rectanguler, but oddly shaped. Obviously this is because they have been used before and already have pieces cut from them.

Unusual Shaped Fabric Piece

I still fold them in the same manner, making sure I tuck in odd ends first before I fold.

Odd shapes tucked in and folded

Once I have the fabric all folded ready, I have placed them folded side uppermost into my Ikea storage box.

My Brights Stash

Don’t they look great! And it is so easy for me to spot the colour that I want to use. It is important not to overfill as I need to be able to remove and replace pieces easily without disturbing the filing system too much.

Once I had completed the first box, I was on a roll and here are some more.

Batik Stash

Yellows, Oranges, Reds & Purples

Blues & Greens

Pastel Prints

Baby Quilts Stash

Long Fabric Lengths

Notice how easy it is to see what coloiur ranges I am short of. (I know you are thinking, how can I be SHORT OF FABRIC!!!!). But I noticed I was very short of bright pinks in my bright stash and will have to remedy that as it is a colour I really like to use. I may feel a fabric purchase coming on or possibly may dye some myself.

You will also notice the shortage of browns, rusts, beiges. That is no accident! They are not my favourite colours. I rarely use them and NEVER wear them. They just aren’t my colour.

Just to finish with the my fabric filing system. I found that some fabric pieces are just too small to fold and file.

Too Small to Fold!

I store these small pieces in smaller fabric boxes.

Added to my Bright Scraps Box

And then I label them and file accordingly.

My Labelled Boxes

You can now see what all these boxes look like on the shelves of my sewing room.

And if you are thinking, hey ‘what an organised person’ and that my stash really isn’t that big, then check in on tomorrow’s post, when I will show you the ‘naughty side‘ and what I have put in the baskets!!!!!

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  1. You too? Since sorting my sewing room I have noticed other bloggers doing the same. Maybe it is because it is so hot at the moment and we are preparing our sewing rooms for those cold winter nights when we can lock ourselves in and sew!

  2. I’m inspired. That is exactly what I am doing today. Started a bit last night. I am lucky to have a whole closet to use but it gets ridiculous. Hope to be in better shape by the end of the day.

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