Tilda Dolls and a Book Giveaway

I have been sewing more Tilda dolls with my Friday sewing class.

A selection of Tilda dolls

Don’t they look cute! And here is a photo of a bunch of Tilda Snowmen that my students have sewn.

A group of completed Tilda snowmen

The one at the back is feeling a little bit bashful as he was waiting for his nose to be sewn on.

I really feel I am all Tilda’d out for a while now. But you might like to have a go at making a Tilda doll, so I am offering a Tilda Book Giveaway.

Tilda book giveaway

This is not the book that I have used for the Tilda dolls photographed above, but it does have other Tilda Dolls in it that you might like to make.

Now, what shall we ask you to do for this Giveaway? Ooohhh I know, you can leave a comment telling me what you are hoping that Santa will bring you for Christmas. That should be fun.

The Giveaway is open until Monday 29th November and I will announce the winner next week. International entries welcome. Giveaway now closed.

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  1. they are so cute! Honestly, i would adore a knitters loom or maybe a gazebo style cover for over our firpit at camp… but i would be very happy with a nice looking new tea kettle, mine actually broke after 6 years of fairly heavy use >:)

  2. I am hoping for (besides fabric) some warm slippers with the fuzzy wool on the inside. Your dolls and snowmen are so cute and the bashful one made me laugh.

  3. christine g says:

    i would love to turn on the tv christmas morning to hear they have found a cure for breast cancer .until then i would be delighted to win a tilda book so i can make them for all of my wonderful friends

  4. How sweet! thank you and I adore those Santas on the cover!

  5. Kelly Wilbur says:

    My big gift request from Santa – the Polyneon Madeira thread chest so I never am missing a color when I want to embroider again

  6. Puxa! como gostaria de ganhar esse presente, pois amo TILDA!
    Acho que estou com sorte!
    bjsssss, Eva

  7. Love Tilda’s dolls! For Christmas, will have grandchildren arriving from Sweden (to Australia) so hopefully Santa’ll be sending some Daim chocolte with them.

  8. Le pido a Santa el pasar una noche feliz junto a mi familia y si recibo algún regalito para hacer patchwork mejor jajajja

  9. I need a Tilda Doll book. My Toyota is Tilly – maybe short for Tilda, and I’m sure she would love to have a Tilda Doll to keep her company when I’m not with her. BTW, I’ve made a number of dolls in my day, cloth and porcelain — and dressed them but I never heard of these until I found this blog. I am a quilter, too.

  10. I’d like Santa to send me a tidying fairy to tidy my craft room.

    Which book are the snowmen and others from?

  11. Cute dolls. I would like Santa to bring me a lottery win, not millions, just a few thousand will do….i’m not greedy 😉 Then I can do my loft conversion and have a very special craft room 😀

  12. Ils sont trop mignons,je tente ma chance.

  13. Santa already brought me my gift — a table for basting quilts (on sale at Joann’s for 40 per cent off, plus another 25 per cent with a coupon at checkout!)

  14. Oh my~ I love the snowmen! How fun! My request for Santa this year is happiness for my children. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  15. I would wish for a hug from someone long since gone
    yet very much missed…
    in the mean time I hug the dog or 3 yr p;d grandson if he stays still long enough lol

  16. Hello 🙂 I think that all the dolls are so sweet and I especially like the mouse!

    What I really want for Christmas day is for my Mum and Dad and I to have a good day together. Dad and I have a painful bone disease and it would be wonderful to have a relatively pain free or low pain day.

    Thanks for the chance to win the book.


  17. ohhh ils sont superbes, j’aimerais tenté ma chance, ils sont trop mignons 🙂

  18. I would like Santa to bring health, happiness and enough for all.

    Happy Christmas everybody!


  19. Kathy in GA says:

    Wht cute snowmen! I hope Santa brings me time to sew for me in the new year…we’ve had two weddings this year…June and January coming up soon! Thank you for the giveaway chance! An early Merry Christmas to you.

  20. Christiane says:

    Je voudrais bien faire partie de ce tirage au sort.
    J’adore les poupées et essayerai d’en faire profiter les autres enfants.

  21. I want Santa to bring me an IPad!

  22. What adorable dolls! I would love to win that book, thank you for the chance. I would love for Santa to bring me a quilt rack to display some of my quilts.

  23. Once a week I go to sew with my friends. This year, We have sewn lovely Christmas decorations. We have a good time together! The only thing I want, is good health to continue gathering.