My Sewing Room

Sewing Room View 1

Sewing Room View 2

Sewing Room View 3

My sewing thread display

My sewing thread display

Area where I store my rulers, rotary cutters, scissors, pencils etc

Area where I store my rulers, rotary cutters, scissors, pencils etc

My create wall to inspire me

My 'create' wall ..... to inspire me

View from my sewing room window across the vineyards

Please don't sew! Let's play ball!

I'm so comfortable! Do you really need to work here?


  1. Sharon E says:

    With that nice sewing room and view, no wonder you can be so creative. Pets help too!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your visit. I hope you have fun with your pattern.

  3. Love your sewing room. I just purchased a pattern from you and can’t wait to make it for a gift.

    I found your blog from Cat Patches blog.

    Have a great day.


  4. YES, the link you sent worked!! I don’t know what was going on, but now i’m back, i love the pair of sissors you have on the wall, something you made or bought? Love them.

  5. Chantal Marie says:

    c’est très jolies les motifs à broder

  6. How do you EVER get anything accomplished with a view like that?!! It’s more than beautiful! Lucky you!! I’d have to have my sewing things on that patio LOL I’m loving the Valentine Sew Along! Thank you for sharing your creativity with those of us that aren’t so blessed.

  7. janet o'loughlin says:

    Love your little helpers. Oh like yr sewing room.

  8. Spooky..the best place!!!

  9. What a View? That is Gorgeous!!
    Gmama Jane

  10. Helen Hollinger says:

    I have two dogs that sit at my feet and a kitten that sits on my pressing table when I go to my sewing room. Helen

  11. pat kapsak says:

    Love your “helpers” !! Nice working sewing room and what a view !! thank you

  12. Christiane says:

    Trop mignon votre coin couture.
    Chez moi ce n’est pas aussi grand, mais je coud plus à la main pour rester le soir avec la famille.

  13. je souhaite m’inscrire pour la broderie redwork Christmas. à bientôt. kapucine.