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QAWM Quilt Top Completed

QAWM Quilt Top Completed

I don’t think this photograph really does the quilt justice. It is very difficult to photograph the quilt, because the quilt is long and narrow (a quilt runner for the end of the bed) . The only way I could think to photograph it was to take it ouside and lay it on the patio and then take the photo from the balcony above. Hence, it may look a little wonky, but is in fact straight. I also feel the photo does not do justice to the colours, which are actually very rich and jewel like. I am thinking of buying a better camera.

Here is a section of the quilt, which has photographed a little better.

QAWM Section

And another view.

QAWM Draped

Anyway, I am very happy with the way the quilt has turned out. Unfortunately, I do not have time to quilt it, as I am going to UK tomorrow for 2 weeks. So, it will have to wait until my return. But, when it is quilted and on the new bed in our bedroom, I will re-photograph it in situ and I am sure it will have a better effect.

I was actually dreading cutting the borders, as I was going to have to find some way of straightening up all my ‘Wonky Wavy Seams’ but in actual fact it was very easy.

As I laid it out on the floor to view, I made a fantastic discovery! I noticed that I could use my floor tiles as a guide for straightening up.

Floor Tile Discovery

So, I carefully lined up the quilt to the tiles and then slid a cutting mat beneath the quilt, to cut and staighten up the edges ready for my borders, shifting the cutting mat along as I moved along the edges and lining up my ruler with the tiles.

Straightening edges, using tiles as a guide

Fantastic! So easy!

So, there’s another new quilting tip. I wonder if anyone has used that idea before!

QAWM Day Five Update

QAWM Blocks Pieced

(This is only a portion of the quilt)

Wow, that was easier than I thought it would be! It took around 1 ½ hours to piece my 30 blocks together and it has been very liberating.

I began with trepidation, trying to piece together my Wonky Wavy Blocks by attempting to match some seams. This was proving to be very time consuming and involved a great deal of planning. When suddenly I had a flash of inspiration. Duh! Lesley, why are you suddenly trying to piece together accurately the blocks that you have spent all this time intentionally sewing together wonkily!!! So,I threw caution to the wind and began to sew my blocks together with my Wonky Wavy seams and ignored all seam alignments. It was very scarey to begin with, as I sliced through my blocks, fearing I might ruin everything I had created so far. But no, it was great. Once I had determined that I would continue in this manner, everything went together beautifully and more importantly, I preferred the ‘Wonky’ look  to the ‘Seams matched’ look.

The accurate patchworker in me has been reformed! Now, how will my future work progress from here I wonder.

Anyway, tomorrow I will begin work on the borders. Another challenge me thinks, because somewhere along the line I have to bring this wonky quilt into a symmetrical rectanguler shape for the bed. But, I will worry about that tomorow. Tomorrow is another day!

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