Bed Runner Finally Finished

Do you remember that I posted a Wonky Wavy Seams Tutorial on my blog and used the technique to make a bed runner? Well, I just checked and it was back in February 2010. I also re-read the post and I see that it says that I made it for our new bed in the bedroom. Which is true. At that stage the bed runner wasn’t quilted and the post also says that I would post a photo of it on the blog when it was finished and on the bed. Well, I am embarrassed to say that last week (some three years later) I have finally sewn on the binding and put it on the bed.

Quilted Bedrunner

I am very pleased with it and luckily have not changed the colour scheme in the room that I had planned it for. It is of course now quilted too. I used a multi coloured Jeans Thread by YLI and it is randomly quilted with continuous straight crossing over lines.

Quilted Bedrunner

I feel quite sure that I suffer from ADHD (attention deficit disorder) because this is a typical example of how I work. Whenever I am sewing a project my mind is already working on designing the next one. And I flit from project to project. This is why so many of my quilts are not entirely finished very quickly. I am a bad, bad girl!

So, the moral of the story is go take a look at your UFO’s (unfinished objects). You may be surprised with what you find. And like me, you may decide it is about time you finished them off. You could be as pleased with the final result as I was.

As for me, I am off to take a look in my UFO basket to see what I should finish off next. I wonder what I will find.


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  1. I am ADHD also, but no problem as I always have something to do! Love the colors in your quilt, well done!

  2. Preciosoooo

  3. It does look lovely. I can see having one in summer when a quilt isn’t needed. Goes nicely with the sheets. I hope you found a UFO that delighted you.

  4. magnifique!
    bonne soirée!

  5. It is beautiful! Congratulations on tackling your UFO pile. I have a double sized closet for me 🙁

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