Christmas SAL Block 2 is here

I know you have all been waiting for the next Christmas stitchery block and here it is.

Christmas stitchery block

(The Sewalong is now finished and no longer available FREE)

Remember each pattern will only be on the blog for one week (two weeks for first pattern only). So, remember to check in each Friday and download your pattern. If you miss a pattern I am sorry but I will be unable to e mail any patterns out. I’m afraid it involves too much work and eats into my sewing time. Heaven Forbid!  But the complete pattern is now available in my Pattern Shop in November.

I have had so many emails and comments from you all and it seems that many of you have sewed the first stitchery block straight away and have been really looking forward to this week to have your next block pattern. I am so sorry that I do not have time to answer you all individually, but I DO read all your emails and comments and I am SEW happy to read how much you are enjoying taking part. Your enthusiasm really encourages me to come up with more ideas. So, keep looking in, because there are lots more exciting things to come.

I do make an attempt to add a few little bits of Spanish dialogue when I can. I know that there are lots of Spanish speaking ladies taking part and it is good practice for my Spanish (which I love, although still learning).  I also have lots of French and German participants, both of which I speak a little and so can mostly understand your emails and comments. But, when it gets to Russian etc. sorry I am stumped!

Thank you to the Spanish ladies who have offered to help me with any Spanish translation that I or others might need. If any of you are struggling with the translation from English to Spanish Celes at el blog de celes and Gra at Chez Gra have both offered to help. Thanks to you both.

If you are not too busy sewing, do take a look at the comments that others make on my posts. You will see how they are all getting on with their sewing and you can often pop over to their quilting blogs to take a look. I have taken a peek over at many of them myself and loved how quickly you all completed your first stitcheries. You all have some wonderful blogs too. Such talented ladies!

OK Girls I must get back to my sewing. I still have more ideas on the boil. Enjoy this week’s stitchery!

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  1. From Burgundy (France), I have always pleasure to visit your blog. I love all the different works your are doing. Thank you to show it to us.

  2. Mil gracias

  3. Hola Leslie.

    Ya estàn bordados los dos bloques, y posteados en mi blog, va a quedar muy linda la guirnalda, esperando el tercero.

    Geliz de participar. gracias


  4. Hi Lesley, I love block 2! I’m a few stitches away from completing Mr. Ho! Ho! Ho! from block one! I love Christmas! Thanks for sharing this great project!

  5. Pivoine 28 says:

    Merci beaucoup pour vos jolis modèles, très faciles à réaliser pour
    Noël !

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this new free pattern, Leslie ! How cute !
    In France also we’re crasy about your designs ! 😉
    Hugs from France,

  7. thank you so much for this beautiful sew along! now it is four o’clock in the morning in germany but i had to sew block 1 and 2 one after another!! ;O)
    can’t hardly stand waiting till next friday!
    greets from bavaria

  8. Happy weekend for you, too.

  9. Hi Leslie!!
    thanks for the new graphic and only tell you that some people have asked me something about this SAL…I help you in the translation and I think their doubts are solved!!!

    kisses from Spain and thanks again

  10. sandra smart says:

    HI Lesley

    Loved the first SAL 1, all my Spanish ladies loved it too. Roche Quilters, Cadiz just love their quilting. I went to my first class in Cadiz last Sat, 25 girls, all in Spanish – it was 3d techniques (10 different ones) I loved it.
    Sandra xx

  11. Super !! Je viens de finir le premier !! Merci pour ce super joli projet ! bisous !

  12. thanks! on to block two! 🙂

  13. Thanks Lesley,

    Have decided to make something different each week with the pattern. This way I have several presents ready for Christmas. I posted yesterday my mug mat I made with the first pattern.
    Thank you and Happy days.

  14. Gracias, Son lindos los diseños. Que tengas feliz fin de semana. Abrazos

  15. Hi Leslie, I haven’t signed up for this but I LOVED it as soon as I saw your pattern and have already sewed my first stitchery. Thank you so much for offering this free pattern.

  16. Hello Leslie,

    Last week on Friday I was online at about 6:30 am chomping at the bit waiting for Santa to come. I finished it in an hour or so after you published it. Then I had to wait 7 long days for the next one to come out. I think the same thing may happen this week too! This is a super fun project. Thank you for offering it to everyone.

  17. Rosana Cotta Moura says:

    Os gráficos estão lindos!Vou fazer com muito
    carinho ! Obrigada,


  18. loved the first block. finished over the weekend. loving the second block too. I am not a banner girl so I have enlarged the block 35% and planning on a Christmas quilt.
    Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

  19. Thanks for the cute patterns! I stitched the first one the other evening and am looking forward to sitting down in front of the tv tonight and stitch. Hubby likes the company and I get sewing done…
    Louise in Sweden

  20. Leslie, ya he imprimido este segundo bloque, asi que ahora a coser. Gracias por tu generosidad, feliz fin de semana.

  21. Héliotrope says:

    Encore merci, l’aventure se poursuit. Héliotrope

  22. Gracias por este segundo bloque!!! Es hermoso. Si no te importa, me gustaría hacer el texto del bloque en español. Feliz fin de semana.

  23. Hi again! Thank you so much for mentioning me in this post, I’m so happy! I’m already printing this second pattern and will embroider it this afternoon while going to my first patchwork class 🙂
    Y éste es un mensaje para las bordadoras ibearoamericanas: si alguna necesita ayuda con las traducciones, ya sea de los patrones o de las instrucciones para montar los bloques, las invito a pasar por mi blog y dejarme un comentario, y con gusto las voy a ayudar en lo que necesiten 🙂 La dirección es
    Besos para todas, buen fin de semana y Happy Sewing!

    Celes 🙂

  24. Lovely!! thanks a lot!

    I don’t have a fireplace either, I live in the tropic but Christmas is Christmas where ever you are, dont you think? 🙂

    Happy stitches!!

  25. Thank you Leslie! Another great design.

  26. Thank you very much Leslie again. Kisses from Valencia (Spain)and good weekend!

  27. Hola Leslie!!!
    Hermoso!!! Tenía problemas con la impresora, pero ya lo resolví. Esta semana me tocará hacer dos en lugar de uno. Un abrazo y que tengas un lindo fin de semana.

  28. Hi Leslie,
    I haven’t officially joined in but I am following along. I had the first pattern completed before the day was out last Friday. Can’t wait to get started on this one. Thanks for doing this. I’m having so much fun. –Pat

  29. Yes, I have been overjoyed with the response and so pleased it is giving so much pleasure. I like the idea very much of the long wallhanging. I will certainly keep it in mind.

  30. Hi, Leslie.
    After posting on my blog about your SAL and showing off my first stitchery, I’ve got a bunch of friends going crazy…they all wanted to join in…even if they are’n listed, you should know how BIG is your action.
    Love and fidelity,
    P.S. One of my friend, who doesn’t have a fireplace for the bunting (but is so eager to embroider it), says that she will transform it into a long wall-hanging. A good idea, isn’t it ? perhaps for the future you can come with something similar ;). You have GREAT projects. Thank you.

  31. I’m almost finished with block one! This is just too cute. Can’t wait to start stitching it! Thanks!

  32. Thanks!

  33. Thanks a lot Leslie, all my patchwork friends are crazy for this sal!!! besos desde Madrid