Fabric Corsage Tutorial

I thought you might like to see the corsages that I made for our daughter’s Nikki’s Hen Party back in March.


Eleven of us girls (Nikki’s friends and family) went to Marrakech for five days. We had a fantastic time! On one of the big nights out all the girls wore black (as we knew everyone would have a little black number that they would love to wear) except for the future bride who could wear the colour of her choice. She chose ivory. But to adorn our black outfits we all wore the pink corsages that I had made. Here are some of the girls wearing theirs. By the way, the hen is clutching a mini champagne bottle not swigging from a bottle of beer!


You will see that some of the girls chose to wear their corsage on their wrists to avoid the pin attachment from damaging their outfits.

I had also made some previously for our daughter-in-law Donna’s Hen Party. This is what hers looked like.


I thought I would round off this month’s posts with the Corsage Tutorial as a final celebration of our daughter’s wedding. They are super easy to make.

Go to Corsage Tutorial for pattern and instructions.

Next month I have a new theme for August with a few little projects planned for you. I think you will like them. This theme will run for the entire month beginning on August 1st.

Ahhh, I know, let’s give you a little cryptic clue – “Bitter Sweet”. There, that will give you something to mull over until Thursday’s post!

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  1. They look lovely! Did you remember to bring a big enough suitcase to Marrakesh? I regretted my choice of taking just a small flightcase to Rabat….. Waaaaay to much lovely things to buy there. Ah well, I’ll just have to go back……

  2. Oh to be able to pop over to Marrakech! So far away from everywhere here in Aus. Love the corsage, need to find an excuse to make one lol

  3. Rita Blake says:

    So looking forward to your projects popping up on my screen when I turn on!!

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