Cute Little Giveaway

I recently sorted through the last few boxes of remaining stock from my closed down quilting shop House of Patchwork. Ahhhhh fond memories! There really isn’t very much exciting left now but I did come across these Brooch Kits by Whiskers & Wings.

Geraldine Brooch Kit

They are little kits that contain everything to make Geraldine.

Geraldine Brooch

Geraldine is a cute little cow brooch measuring 3½″ (9cms). The kits contain all the fabrics, wooden legs, buttons, bell etc. Geraldine is very easy to sew and would make a great gift for a friend either sewn ready or maybe just the kit.

And the good news is I have five of them to Giveaway.


If you would like to be in for a chance to win one of these kits then please leave a comment. Now what could you tell me in your comment? I know, how about telling me what generally tempts you to follow a quilting blog when you surf around the quilting sites. I think that would be interesting to know.

You have until Tuesday 25th February to leave your comment and I will draw the winners on Wednesday. And then I will tell you what draws me to follow a quilting blog. I wonder if we are tempted by the same things??? Interesting eh! (Giveaway now closed)

Good luck.


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  1. Gena Raban says:

    I love Geradine and your site! Yet I may be late commenting……I live in the USA and a day late and two dollars short!

  2. trop mimi cette Géraldine !!!!!!!!!! merci pour les tutos que tu nous offres, c’est sympa, bonne journée, à bientôt Nadette

  3. geraldine is cute . great blog thanks for sharing your knowledge

  4. tutorials for quilting and free patterns..

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  5. lots of reasons: lovely pictures, nice stories, quilters I’ve met, … these are a few I can think of right now.

  6. Linda Kendall says:

    Hi Lesley, I have followed your blog for the last few years, and am regularly reminded to look into your latest through your email reminder. I like to follow people who inspire me to have a go, maybe not with an identical pattern, but sometimes with something as simple as a small part of stitching to add to my latest project. I am encouraged by colours, I love redwork and anything that could be translated into a piece of redwork with added patchwork is a bonus. I am a fan of vintage materials and patterns and like to use them in redwork, and my quilting makes. Keep up the good work and the fascinating blogs.

  7. Me gusta este mundo de los blogs porque puedo conocer gente nueva, con otras constumbres y viajar por el mundo desde la comodidad de mi hogar. El patchwork es una pasion que puedo compartir con otras personas aunque no hablemos el mismo idioma. Ah y me sirve mucho leer los blogs en ingles ya que hace un par de años voy a una academia de ingles.

  8. There is something about Geraldine’s face and hat that reminds me of a very dear old aunt of mine! I like to read some personal details in blogs – maybe what didn’t go right straightaway, what is going on in the blogger’s life, other interests, like gardening, walking in a spring wood, frosty leaves etc. kind of rounds the person out so you feel like you are listening to a friend.

  9. Rita Blake says:

    You brought back memories for me too Lesley, I remember buying one of these kits from you to adapt to add to a kitchen wall hanging for my friend!

  10. cdahlgren2013 says:

    I like quilting blogs where the quilter comes across as a genuine, real woman, who makes mistakes, and enjoys her triumohs. I’m not stating this very well, just someone like you.

  11. I really like what I see on your blog
    Go on
    Jo-Elle from FRANCE

  12. Love this little kit! Would love to win one. Thank you for the giveaway….

  13. I like blogs that teach me new concepts of quilting and also they are such good social sites. I learn from comments also, and enjoy reading from all levels of quilters.

  14. Debby Hughey says:

    Geraldine is sooo cute. I’m a city girl who wants to be a farm girl so I would proudly wear her when ever I go anywhere.

  15. Eva Kastecki says:

    Amo seus tutoriais, lindos!
    Sempre me inspiram muito, principalmente no Natal.
    bjsssss, Eva

  16. Thank you for a wonderful give away. I love to follow quilting sites especially if they take a simple pattern and make an unusual design that no one thought of before

  17. Jeanne Bird says:

    I like quilting blogs from other countries -it is like having a pen pal with the same interest. When I was young, I had a pen pal in Germany.There were no computers with instant messaging but a hand written letter and brought to the post office for proper postage. Thank you for so many cute patterns and a look to where you live and what interests you.

  18. this is cute. I look for free things like useable things and stitching I look for fun things and quick things to do as I don’t have much time.

  19. I have only just found your blog through another blogger I follow and realise you are up the hill from me. :):)I love blogs that have really nice sewing related backgrounds .they are the ones I look for first and then it is usually ” word of mouth”

  20. Charlene McCullough says:

    The Brooch kits are sew cute. I would love to one. I’m tempted t follow a blog when I look through the tutorials, the free patterns, and the bargin sales. Thanks for the giveaway.

  21. You bet! That would be a great thing to make and wear, or give to a friend. She’s so cute! Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. This is sweet!! I have a friend who loves cows and would love to make it for her. I follow blogs which catch my eye because of the beautiful quilts, hot colors or interesting new techniques. Even if the quilts look too difficult for me, I still love to “browse”.

  23. Love Geraldine! I like blogs that are full of colour, photos, tutorials and lots of tips on how to improve skills.

  24. Geraldine is too cute – looks like fun to make & wear. I like blogs that are colorful with tutorials that are doable. I’m always looking for new ideas & techniques.

  25. Geraldine looks totally gorgeous. What tempts me to follow blogs? When they show lovely quilts or tutorials because I love learning and this web is a great place to learn new skills.

  26. I’m drawn in first by photos, visual enticement works best! Thank you for the chance 🙂

  27. Elaine Enstone says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your work as it reminds me of the visits to House of Patchwork and the enjoyable workshops I took. Many thanks Lesley.

  28. I love blogs which extend my skills with interesting tutorials – especially when they take me beyond my comfort zone of quilts!!

  29. Rowena Kerr says:

    A catchy title gets my interest fiirst, followed by colorful photos of beautiful, yet simple quilts, brief instructions and is there fabric in my stash to make a quilt of my liking. Have discovered when it comes to quiltmaking a very lot of my Mother’s frugal ways surfaces – tend to use or make do with suppliies I have and try not to buy anything but absolutely necessary items. The little cow brought back memories of my farm raising and my Daddy’s cows – special cows with each having a unique name.

  30. A pleasing display along with some inspiration makes me want to follow a blog.

  31. I tend to follow blogs that offer lots if tutorials.

  32. Geraldine is so cute! I like blogs that have quick tutorials. It’s great to learn new ways to do things.

  33. Cute Geraldine, would love to make and wear her around!! I follow lots of blogs and is easy now when people add the “email”. I look for blogs that have my interests, tutorials, and free patterns. I made your Love wall hanging adding the hearts with tatting edging and small tatted hearts in the corners. Your blog is very informative, thank you.

  34. Pauline Gower says:

    Because I am a really novice sewer I like quilting (or sewing) blogs which have simple projects I can see myself attempting, plus if there are tutorials I feel reassured if I can actually follow the instructions in my head before trying them out with some fabric!

  35. I love blogs that tell a little about life where they live , photos of the area , flowers and the countryside and of course something about the type of projects they make will keep me coming back for more . Thanks for the chance and a great blog !

  36. I love making bags but I would love to do more quilting so I tend to follow ones with lovely quilts with the hope that one day I will be able to make some beauties too 🙂 x

  37. Thanks for the giveaway . I like blogs that have neat free patternd or interesting tutorials. Mary h

  38. Yo sigo varios blogs básicamente para aprender, por muchos libros que tengas, muchas clases recibidas y muchas exposiciones vistas siempre se encuentran detalles interesantes y tutoriales valiosos.
    La vaca es una preciosidad, me encantaría tener una.
    Muchas gracias por tu generosidad.

  39. COUCOU
    Géraldine est super craquante !
    merci aussi pour les tutos que vous nous offrez ;
    Bon week end

  40. Hi from France ! As for me I love blogs that give me new ideas for sewing , an much more where I can find tutorials that help me to make things for my little nephews, for I love above all to send them a home made gift for their birthdays or for Christmas (please, do excuse my poor English !)

  41. Bonnie Larson says:

    I like lots of pictures, techniques, tutorials and details. I am a visual learner and look more for the science behind why and how as opposed to just a picture of “look what I did today.”. Thanks do much for sharing.

  42. Loly Daviña says:

    Me gustan los blogs con labores originales y propuestas interesantes como el tuyo. Soy seguidora desde que participé en un SAL de una guirnalda navideña bordada en rojo que resultó muy bonita, de la que disfruto cada Navidad y que pude hacer gracias a tus explicaciones. Me encantan las vacas así que este regalo me vendría genial, besos Loly

  43. Me gustan los blogs que sean fáciles de navegar, con fotos ,tutoriales,QAL,SAL, consejos para hacer un bloque o un proyecto y sobre todo me gusta ver como un mismo bloque cambia dependiendo la tela que se haya utilizado.

    Geraldine es una monada.

    Buen fin de semana.

  44. I follow blogs that are anything to do with textiles, are interesting, tells me of new things that I might try and good quality patterns that I KNOW works which is why I follow you. Do you remember the block of the month angel quilt? I made it up yonks ago and have just given it to my first great grandaughter.
    I bought a large version of this lovely cow from a delightful lady at one of the quilting exhibitions I attended. So would be super to have a little one to go with it.

  45. I love to follow a quilting blog that has lots of pictures and easy to follow directions.

  46. Me encanta tu blog porque con tus tutoriales me he iniciado en el mundo del patch. De momento hago cosas pequeñas…. Me gustan los blogs que organizan SAL y publican tutoriales
    Me encanta la vaquita Geraldine!
    Gracias por el sorteo
    Un saludo

  47. I follow your quilting blog as I would love to make a quilt but not sure if I would ever get to finish it or where I would put it if I did but life isn’t worth living if you don’t have dreams.

  48. I follow a wide range of blogs but all on a craft theme 🙂 I love to learn new ways of doing things and seeing what others have made..
    Good luck to all its a very pretty kit xxx

  49. Brenda Howard says:

    I seem to follow blogs that have clear writing and have a tutorial or interesting stories to tell. I love learning about peoples lives and where they live.

  50. Irene Thorn says:

    Love love love Geraldine. It reminds me of happy days in my childhood at the farm.

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