Giveaway Winners

Today I am announcing the winners of the Geraldine Brooch kits.

Giveaway Winners

I have five lucky winners and they are:



Dee Shaw

Linda Kendall


I will be contacting you all by email for your addresses and your ‘Geraldine’ will be on her way to you very soon.

Thank you to all of the Giveaway entrants and for your comments. It was interesting reading through all the reasons that tempt you to follow a blog. It seems that generally you look for ideas, tutorials, free patterns, lovely pictures and blogger’s interests & life.

When I have some free time (which isn’t very often) I do trawl around various quilting blogs and yes, I also sometimes take a quick peek at some of my followers blogs when I see your blog addresses. For those of you that haven’t realised it, when someone leaves a comment if you click on their name and they have a blog it will link you over to their blog. So, take a look. You may find some more interesting blogs to follow.

I told you I would let you know what attracts me to other people’s blogs. Well, for me the first thing that attracts me to take a further look is if it is visually pleasing. I guess it is like a first impression when you meet someone for the first time. If it looks fresh and inviting with great photos then I am usually tempted to delve further. Then I tend to skim through the photos quickly and see if they look exciting, innovative, colourful. Once I see a photograph that attracts me in I am tempted to start reading. So, I guess this shows how important the presentation of a blog is. Also, it is important for me that a blog is easy to navigate, so that I can find the things I am looking for.

I hope those of you that have blogs of your own  have found both my thoughts and the comments of my followers useful in helping you to make your blogs more inviting. I found it very interesting myself.

OK back to the sewing now. That’s enough blog surfing for today.


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  1. bravos aux gagnantes!
    bon début de semaine!

  2. Linda Kendall says:

    Hey I’m so pleased, it has cheered me up no end to have won. Thank you Lesley

  3. Thank You. Thank You. now I can really say I won something. I’m so happy Thank You so much.

  4. Congrats tio all the winners!!
    Dancing and overjoyed.I`m one of the lucky winners.Thanks you so much!!

  5. nadoulette says:

    Yessssssssssss, c’est super, je suis enchantée de faire partie des heureuses gagnantes, j’adore ton blog, et tout ce que tu réalises.
    Bonne soirée, mille merci et gros bisous

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