Quiltalong February Blocks – Let’s Begin

Star of Hope

Hour Glass

When I first announced the SewHappy Quiltalong, I told myself I would be happy if  50 people signed up. But, I am very pleased to say that we already have over 60 participants and as it is fine to join in at any time during the Quiltalong, I feel sure we will have still more as we progress.

Just as a reminder, each month I will be publishing 2 block patterns and to make the full size quilt 70″ x 86″, you will need to sew 4 of each, so 8 in total. However you may choose to sew less to make a smaller quilt. If that is the case, here are the block quantities and measurements.

2 of each block each month (4 in total) = Finished Size 54″ x 62″

3 of each block each month (6 in total) = Finished Size 62″ x 78″

I have used monochromatic colours. I will be sewing my blocks in shades of blue, but will show you my lemon version too along the way. However, remember you may choose to make yours totally scrappy or even choose a colour scheme of your own choice. You just need to have a selection of lights mediums and darks.

Here is a photo of my blue scraps that I will be using

Blue Scraps

At the top of the picture you will notice my very pale blue background fabric of which I have around 3 metres, as I will be using it for my borders too. I will be using this pale blue fabric as my light fabric throughout. However, you may choose to use a variety of light fabrics for your lights, as I have with my lemon version.

Remember to take photos of your blocks if you can. I will e mail the participants the Flickr website details so that you may add your photos. It will be good to see everyone’s different colour schemes and how we are all progressing.

Finally, I should add that I am just off away on holiday for 12 days, which is why I have published the patterns a day early, just so that I can check everything is running smoothly before I leave. However, I am hoping to be able to check in to the blog occasionally whilst I am away, so feel free to email me if you have any major queries.

So, here we go then. To proceed go to February Blocks to see more details and to download your patterns and off you go. Happy Sewing!

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  1. just joined in on the quilt along–off to try and find the blocks!

  2. I have finished my four of each block and they look good. Went together easy especially hour glass.

  3. I’m getting my summer vacation and had not seen the publication of the blocks. I am happy that you published and they are nice and easy. I’m going to do two units per block, small quilt. When I start a quilt that take me long to decide on the colors I will use.
    Your instructions are very clear and helpful.
    I hope your holidays are great as mine.
    Thank you