Well here it is the little Easter project that I promised you.


Do you like it? It’s quite cute isn’t it. I made it as an Easter Egg Hunt bag. But it could just be a bag for a little girl for any occasion.

We always have an Easter Egg Hunt in our house every year. I hide the eggs all around the house whilst everyone is in bed. When they get up they are each given a bag and wait for the ‘Go!’ command. They all then frantically scurry around the house searching for the eggs, often knocking each other over in the panic to find the most eggs. We are a VERY competitive family! Oh, and I should point out that we don’t have any ‘young’ members in our family. My kids are in their 30’s!!!! And their other halves and my hubby join in too. Yes, believe me it is a sight to behold and we have a really fun time. However, I cannot see the men in my household rushing around clasping this Easter Egg Hunt bag. I think it’s a bit girlie for them. So, I will have to save it for the grandkids, which I hope my kids may produce in the very near future.

So, back to the sewing. I thought you might like to Sew-a-long-a-Lesley next week and make an Easter Egg hunt bag for yourself. This is how I plan to do it…….

On Monday (4th February) I will give you the pattern and instructions for the little appliquéd bunny.

On Wednesday (6th February) I will give you the instructions for sewing the bag and lining.

On Friday (8th February) I will give you the instructions for sewing the handle and putting it all together.

And if you Sewalong with me you will have it ready well in time for Easter.

What do you think? Do you fancy joining me?

If you would like to join in with my little Easter SewAlong then just let me know in the comments below. It would be nice to see how many of you are joining in the fun. If you have a blog leave your blog address too and I will make a list (with a link to your site) on the Sewhappy website of all the Blog Participants. You might like to add a post and pictures to your blog so that we can all see your progress with a link back to the SewHappy website so that others can join in too.

Hope you decide to Sew-a-long-a-me. See you next Monday.


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  1. I saw you ‘Bunny and Dress’ the other day and want to make her! She’s so cute! You are very gifted, my friend. I will join in on all the fun!!

  2. Qué bonito! Me apunto para hacerlo. Muchas gracias.

  3. Gracias, te espero.

  4. Me inscribo para hacerlo, me encanta.


  5. yes please, it is a lovely project.

  6. Superbe projet !!! je participe avec plaisir !!!

  7. je suis partante merci!!

  8. j’aimerai beaucoup me joindre a vous trop mignon ce petit lapin alors a tres bientot amitié nicole62700

  9. Janet Pinnock says:

    Can’t wait to start.

  10. Christine says:

    Lovely idea, count me in.
    Christine from Dorset

  11. j adore je suis ok pour participer merci

  12. Count me in too please, thanks,

  13. christine says:

    This project is so pretty. I would like to make it. Thank you in advance. Christine from France

  14. Sue McKinney says:

    I would love to join in on the fun, thank you so much.

  15. I would like to join you. Thank you so much.

  16. Gracias por tu trabajo

  17. ella keto says:

    count me in I think this is so cute.

  18. Me encantaria participar y hacerdos para mis niñas. Gracias

  19. Adorable, and this looks like fun to me! Count me in!

  20. I have a little girl 10 years old that this would be great
    for her to collect her eggs. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

  21. This is cute I will sew along with you

  22. very nice !
    I would love to join in … many thanks.

  23. Mary Jayne says:

    looking forwrd to making these for my grand daughters and great niece.

  24. Pauline Brown says:

    Yes please! Count me in!

  25. I have three little girls in mind for this – please count me in

  26. Hi Lesley – Yes I would love to join in – this will be just fantastic for my 6 year old granddaughter.

  27. I would very much like to join in. This looks like a sew-a-along that I could actually keep up with and finish quickly! And I have just the little girl in mind to make it for!! Thanks! ~karen

  28. Ingrid Griffin says:

    Yes please! It looks adorable.

  29. Liz McDonald says:

    Count me in please. Looking forward to starting it

  30. Kiss, kiss, kiss and thank you, it is very nice.

    Greetings from Germany

  31. Monday (6th February), Wednesday (8th February),Friday (10th February)??? Please check you dates, sweetie. My 2013 calendar suggests that you are off by 2 days…

  32. Sounds great – count me in please.

  33. C’est un très joli sac, j’espère avoir le temps de le réaliser pour ma petite princesse.

  34. Cute bag. I’ll probably make a girl bunny on one side and a boy bunny on the other so it can be used by any of the kids.

  35. Count me in!

  36. wow Lesley this is so cute.xx

  37. Nancy of IN says:

    My grands would love. Thanks

  38. Je m’inscris pour faire ce petit sac.

  39. je m’inscris pour faire ce petit sac

  40. Just so cute, I’m all in, waiting for monday, even that it in my part of the world is the 4th, minor detail

  41. Barbara Campbell says:

    I would love to make this for my granddaughter. Will you be notifying us by email when the instructions begin?

  42. I love your bunny Lesley and would like to sew-a-long

  43. Wow sounds fun and I would like to join you!

  44. I’m ready

  45. YEEESSSS I love it

    It’s so cute

  46. Yes Please

  47. Count with me Lesley.

  48. Me! Me! I want to sign up for this one! So cute…

  49. Gracias, estoy pendiente de las fechas. Abrazos.

  50. Mary Jayne says:

    I can’t wait to sew along with you. I have 2 grand daughters and a great niece who would love to have this for Easter.

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