Quilting Blogs – My Top 20

My top 20 Quilting blogs on Squidoo

If like me you love to read Quilting Blogs, you might like to know that I have just published a list of my favourite ‘Top 20 Quilting Blogs’ on Squidoo. I regularly peruse quilting blogs of many different quilters, whenever I have any free time. It is a great source of inspiration and quilters I find are always happy to share their ideas. You will often find Quilting Tutorials, Quilt Patterns, Giveaways, Quiltalongs, Sewing Bees and much more. There are of course many, many quilting blogs around, but I have created a lens on Squidoo which lists my favourites. I have chosen the ones that I feel provide the greatest inspiration and in particular who are very willing to share their quilting knowledge.

So, if you would like to take a look, go to Quilting Blogs My Top 20 and have a browse around my suggestions. You will see that I have also added a ‘Significant Others’ section and I will continue to add more quilting blogs here as I find others that I feel are worthy.

Hope you enjoy it. Happy Reading!

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