Valentine Sewalong Week 2

Well here we are again for the next part of the Valentine Sewalong.

Block 2 of Valentine Sewalong

Are you keeping up so far?

This week you only have piecing and stitchery.

Part 1 of the Sewalong will be removed from the blog later today. Remember you have to check into the blog each Friday to collect your FREE patterns. The last part of the Sewalong will be published next Friday. Please remember  I will not be emailing out any missed parts of the Sewalong once the pattern is removed (after one week). Sorry, but I do not have time and they are the rules! However, if you should miss any parts the pattern will be available to buy in my pattern shop at the beginning of February. If you are worried that you may forget to check into the blog each week may I suggest that you sign up for the email newsletter (top right hand side bar) and you will automatically receive an email whenever I add a new post.

Part 2 is no longer available free.

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  1. Muchas gracias me encanta todo el trabajo, y aprecio mucho tu generosidad. Estoy medio pachucha pero pondré voluntad intentare hacerlo .- Gracias otra vez.*MiMimcm*.-

  2. Thank you so much for this very sweet Valentine sew along. I love the colors and designs. You are much appreciated for you talent and generosity.

  3. Gracias, es precioso. Me voy a coser. Un abrazo


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