Heart Sampler

I designed and made this quilt in around  2003. It has been the most popular quilt I have created. I have taught it to many students over the years, supplied it very successfully as a Block of the Month programme (when the same fabrics were still current) and I have sold numerous patterns for it.

Quilt Size 65″ x 80″ (160cms x 200 cms)

Wow Quilt

I made this quilt in February 2009. It was originally inspired by Katharine Guerriers Mix n Mash Mini Quilts, but it just grew. No planning was involved. No measuring! Each block was individual, but I tried to make them roughly a uniform size. Great fun to do!

Cute Chick

Cute Chick

I made this mini quilted picture in January 2010. I was inspired to sew this small piece of artwork after viewing Melody Johnson’s website  I love the wonderful vibrant colours that she uses and wanted to sew a small piece to display on the wall. I used the same technique that I had used for my ‘Wow Quilt’. This technique involves no designing or planning.

Confetti Quilt

The pattern for this quilt came from the book Super Simple Fat Quarter Quilts by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith. Machine pieced and machine quilted.

Quilt Size 45″ x 60″ (110 cms x 150 cms)

Baby Bloomer

I designed and made this cot quilt in around 2005. Machine appliqued and machine quilted.

Quilt Size 58″ x 40″ (150 cms x 100 cms)

Turnaround Quilt

I designed and made this quilt in around 2004.Machine pieced and machine quilted.

Quilt Size 45″ x 40″ (110 cms x 100 cms)


  1. My Heart Sampler pattern was originally sold as a paper pattern which I would send out by post but I no longer have any left. However, I am working on making this pattern into a downloadable pattern as I do get so many enquiries for it. However, this will take me some time as it is a very work intensive pattern. May I suggest that you check in occasionally to my pattern shop to see when it may appear or subscribe to my blog.

  2. Kerry jones says:

    How / where can I get the Heart sampler pattern please x

  3. Lesley Ivison says:

    Have completed Broken heart quilt and really pleased with it. Are any of the above quilts available in pattern form to purchase.

  4. Me ha ido de maravilla que Mayte pidiera tu e-mail. Aparte de darte las gracias por el SAL de Navidad, quería enseñarte el uso que yo le di. Me sirvió de felicitación de Navidad para 7 personas/familias muy queridas. Un abrazo desde Barcelona.

  5. Chantal Marie says:

    je veux participé

  6. You can contact me on Lesley@houseofpatchwork.co.uk

  7. Hola, yo he participado desde “la clandestinidad” en la guirnalda de redwork, ya la terminé, me ha encantado hacerla y querria agraderte tu generosidad y mandarte una foto, pero no sé tu correo. ESto de no saber inglés…. voy a tener que ponerme a ello. Un beso y gracias

  8. Sharon Eshlaman says:

    The WOW quilt is awesome. It really speaks to me.
    Great job.