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Saturday March 16th is Worldwide Quilting Day.

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So, I have designed a quick little project for you as a free gift to celebrate the day.

Quilter At Work

It’s a little hanger to hang on the doorknob of your sewing room door.  I hope you like it.

Check into my blog on Saturday, to download the pattern. And remember to set by some time on Saturday to sew on Worldwide Quilting Day.







Go! Baby Fabric Cutter

Some time just before Christmas Accuquilt sent me a Go! Baby fabric cutter to trial.

Go! Baby fabric cutter

Together with these three appliqué dies.

Go! baby fabric cutter dies

As you know, I have been very busy and I didn’t want to blog about it until I had time to have a good shot at putting it through it’s paces.

So, this week is the week, at last! I have really enjoyed playing with it and I am going to tell you all about it.

Firstly, here is the Go! Baby out of it’s box and ready to begin.

Co! Baby fabric cutter

It is very compact. It only measures 12″ W x 4.5″ L x 8.25″ H (30cms x 11 cms x 21cms) and weighs a very lightweight 8.5 lbs. (5kilos). So it is very easy to manoeuvre and takes up minimal storage space.

Here are my dies out of the package.

My Go! Baby dies ready for action

First of all I tried the smallest die with one layer of fabric. I spray starched my fabric layer first. I always pre-starch my fabrics for machine appliqué as I find they are better behaved and it made sense to use firmer fabric for the Go! cutter. I also had my fusible web ironed on to my fabrics ready to Go!

I rolled the dye and fabric through the Go! Cutter. Wow! So quick and easy. This was the result.

Fun flower rolled through the Go! Baby

Fun flower shape removed from the die

One Fun Flower bonded, cut and ready to apply

Encouraged by just how easy this was I then layered up three layers of fused fabrics and rolled them through the Go! Baby.

£ layers of fused fabrics rolled through the Go! Baby cutter

Wow! That was easy too.

Fun flowers fused, cut and ready to apply to fabric

I was so pleased with the results and now I was ready to put the Go! Baby through it’s paces and I was on a roll!

For the Ribbon Twist I layered up three layers of bonded fabrics, but this time I positioned them over different sections of the die. I wanted to see how it would behave with this new challenge of choosing which parts of the die I wanted to use. This was in case I might only want to cut a couple of the ribbon twists and not all of them.

Using the ribbon twist die with choosing the sections I wanted to use.

No problem there.

Ribbon twist shapes fused, cut and ready to apply

This is the residue of fabric from my cut shapes. Not a great deal of waste I thought.

Fabric wastage after using the ribbon twist die

But then I got to thinking what if I could still use some of the larger areas of these fused fabric remnants. I do so hate to waste anything. So, I cut off a few of the larger bits and layered them carefully over sections of the die.

Using just a section of the die

Bonded fabrics positioned carefully over sections of the die

And Hey Presto!

Using scraps on the Go! Baby die

So, as you can see, minimal fabric wastage. And look what I have now.

Lots of fused fabric shapes ready to sew

So, now I have lots of bonded shapes ready to sew in an amazing record time and it was so easy. Are you intrigued as to what I will do with them?

Wasn’t that easy! Do let me know in your comments how impresses you are with the Go! Baby so far. Don’t worry, I will be blogging about it some more over the next few days. I have lots more I want to try out. I have found it to be very addictive and will need to try out some more dies too. I want to get some geometric shapes for piecing to try next, like squares and triangles. If it is just as easy, think of all that cutting time I will save. I will keep you posted soon.

Let me know if you have any questions so far. Or, if you would like to find out more about the Go! Baby then visit the Accuquilt site. I think you will be impressed.

On my next post I will show you what I have done with these bonded fabric shapes.

Go! Lesley Go!

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