Christmas SAL Block 4

Hurrah, it’s Friday! Christmas SAL day! And here is Block 4.

Block 4 of Christmas stitchery Sewalong

I have added a few embellishment ideas here with my new software program My Memories Suite I actually only did it quickly as a different way of presenting the photo on my blog, but now that I see it, I think it offers another idea of how you might choose to display your stitchery when it is completed. Those of you who have already finished sewing some of the previous blocks may have come up with some different ideas of displaying your stitcheries, other than the banner that I will be giving you the instructions for in week 8. If you do have any of your stitcheries completed in a different way and you have a good photo, please do send it to me. (If you have a blog remember to include your blog details. Maybe if I can build up a little selection of your photos I can display them all together on my blog. It would be nice to see other people’s ideas. Please send any photos to

I will be adding some more details about the My Memories Suite software to my blog in the next week or so. I am quite excited about the different presentation ideas that it offers.

In the meantime, I am sure you are all sitting with needles poised and so you will find your next block instructions here. Christmas SAL BLock 4 Complete pattern is now available to purchase in my Pattern Shop.

Last week’s instructions will be removed from the blog later today and by the way, we are now half way. Yay!

For those of you who have missed the previous FREE block patterns and are desperate to sew them, I will have the complete pattern available in my Pattern Shop in November.

Christmas SAL is starting today!

Well, here it is. The first block is available today on my blog for the SewHappy Christmas Sewalong (SAL). Yippee! I bet you can’t wait to get started.

Christmas Stitchery Block

(No longer available free, but you can purchase the complete pattern in my Pattern Shop)

Remember each pattern will only be on the blog for one week (two weeks for first pattern only). So, remember to check in each Friday and download your pattern. If you miss a pattern I am sorry but I will be unable to e mail any patterns out. I’m afraid it involves too much work and eats into my sewing time. Heaven Forbid!  But the complete pattern will be available in my Pattern Shop in November.*

If you are worried that you might forget, and if you haven’t already done so, may I suggest you register to become a subscriber or follow with RSS or Google Friend Connect (all located on right hand side bar). Then you will always receive a notification of when I add each new pattern to my quilting blog and it will serve as a gentle reminder.

If you are on Twitter you might like to follow me there too. I do tweet away about bits and bobs as I am sewing. It allows me to give you extra small bits of info that isn’t always on my blog. You can follow me on Facebook too. Again, I sometimes publish different bits and pieces. Such a busy girl. Always multi-tasking!

Also, I particularly wanted to say that I have been overwhelmed, overjoyed and yes, overstressed with the huge response that I have had to this SAL. I reckon I have had nearly 1000 participants sign up now. To begin with I began by answering all your e mails, but after about 100 emails I became so behind and just couldn’t keep up. So, apologies if you didn’t here from me. However, I DID read them ALL and I so enjoyed all your comments.

I am still adding participants names, so don’t worry if yours hasn’t appeared yet. I am also adding the links of the participants who have blogs. There are so many of you! I really do recommend you click on the links at Participants List and take a look. There is a tremendous amount of inspiration there. Don’t worry if some of them aren’t in your language. The photos speak for themselves and also many of them have a translation button for you to translate it to your language. Sorry, I am no longer adding names to the list. There are just too many and I cannot keep up. However, this does not mean you cannot take part. Just remember to visit each Friday and download the pattern.

I was amazed at the amount of different countries that you are all from. How wonderful! Lots of Spanish speaking participants I see. Excellent practice for my Spanish. You will see that I have tried to add a couple of messages that I think are important in Spanish. Hope my Spanish is good enough!

Un mensaje en español – ¡ Bienvenidos a mi SAL ! Los patrones son gratis. Necesitas mirar en mi blog cada viernes para los patrones. Es importante que miras cada viernes porque cada patron esta solo allí por una semana. Possible es mas facil para ti si te apuntas en mi blog porque entonces cada viernes tienes una notificación. Disfruta!

Anyway, I must dash now. I have to write up instructions for the final month of the SewHappy Quiltalong. Yes, don’t worry Quiltalongers, I haven’t forgotten you! Hasta luego!

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