….and more to Giveaway

Because today is May Giveaway Day….

And because the sun is shining in my world….

A lovely sunny day by my pool

And because I am enjoying a day sewing…..

Stitchery for Vignette Mystery Quilt

I am feeling particularly happy and generous and have just decided to offer another Giveaway to you all

Fabrics for Giveaway prize

It’s a sunny bundle of fabrics to reflect the day.

Each piece of fabric measures 9″ x 45″. So, one yard in total.

So now you can enter again for this Giveaway too.

Same rules apply:


1. Become a follower on my site (right hand side bar) and leave a comment below and tell me you are a follower.


Become a subscriber (right hand side bar) and leave a comment and tell me you are a subscriber.

N.B. If you are already a follower or subscriber just leave a comment below and tell me so.

Only one entry per person. (for this Giveaway plus one entry for the previous Giveaway).

The Giveaway is open to all International visitors to my site and will be open until Thursday May 26th at midnight (UTC time). I will make a random draw for each Giveaway and post the winners names on Friday May 27th and post the prizes out by May 30th.

And if you haven’t already entered the previous Giveaway posted earlier today, then look back at my last post and enter that one, by leaving a comment on that post too.

Yay! Thank goodness for Happy Days.

Giveaway entry is now closed

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