New Quilt Pattern – My Blue Heaven

Back in 2011, you may remember that I organised a Quiltalong on this blog and we made this heavenly quilt.

My Blue Heaven

The quilt is a sampler quilt made up with 12 different patchwork blocks in a selection of colourways coupled with appliqué blocks. And to make it a little more challenging than your run of the mill Sampler Quilt the blocks are all 6 inch blocks. It was great fun to sew and is a pretty impressive looking quilt. It also can be made in three different sizes.

Here are some of the blocks.


I actually made some lemon blocks too but haven’t got around to putting those ones together yet.

Blue & Lemon Blocks

For some time I have been meaning to write up all the patterns and instructions into a pattern for sale in my Pattern Shop as I know many of my more recent followers would have missed it.

Well once again ……..mission accomplished. You will now find the pattern in the Pattern Shop. I have named it My Blue Heaven.

However, it’s not all good news. It is still waiting to be quilted! So, I am not quite as virtuous as I may appear. But, little by little I am whittling away at the bucket list.


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