Teddy Bear Birth Announcements

I thought you might like to see a photo of two recent births in my teddy bear family.

First we have George, born two weeks ago. He is quite a large fellow at 16″ (40cms) tall. He was born very worldly and thinks he is a little superior.

Teddy Bear George

Then we have little Freddie, born yesterday. Quite a little cutie at 8″ tall (20cms).

Freddie Teddy

He is still feeling a little subdued. His birth was somewhat traumatic as his birth mother lost her concentration during the delivery, which made his birth time rather protracted. His limbs were not well formed to begin with, but after a little gentle manipulation he soon began to feel more comfortable.

I may work on producing some patterns soon for my teddy bears to add to my pattern shop. What do you think?


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