Teddy Bears

Ruby Jane

Ruby is named after my mother who is sadly no longer with us. My mum did not like her name and preferred to be called Jane. Hence we have Ruby Jane. She is appropriately dressed in Ruby colours.

Height 30″ (75 cms) Born: 6th September ’09.


As with all surprises at birth, Albert was not the little girl that we were expecting! The distress at the time of his birth has aged him somewhat. He has been named Albert after his maternal grandfather. He too was very old and time-worn before his time, but lived to the grand age of 90.

Height 14″ (35 cms) Born: 1st September ’09.


Once Kiera saw her new dress she was all smiles and happily agreed to be photographed in her new outfit. She and Ruby soon bonded during the photographic session and they are now good friends.

Height 14″ (35 cms). Born: 4th September ’09.


Jake is a sea-fairing bear. Always with promises to take the girls out on his yacht! He’s a little rough around the edges, but always popular with the ladies.

Height 20″ (50 cms). Born: 31st August 2009.


Bertie is a dreamer. Forgets to use a comb and can’t recall what day of the week it is! The girls often bake him a cake as he always looks in need of a square meal.

Height 12″ (30 cms). Born: 30th September ’09


  1. Me encantan todos tus trabajos, felicitaciones por esas lindas manos y la gran paciencia.


  3. love your bears, I make also bears, I think that when you do patchwork, stitchery making bears go hand in hands. In my quilting guild we are about 20 girls out of 100 that makes bears as well. I will look foreward to see your pattern with the bears that you were wrinting about in your blog today. Best regards Susanne in Denmark

  4. anne-marie says:

    trop beaux j adore amicalement anne-marie

  5. Bernadette B says:

    j’aime beaucoup

  6. Oi! Parabéns pelos trabalhos!
    Seu site está lindo, assim como sua família, que Deus os abençoe e guarde.
    Foi ótima sua idéia do projeto de Natal, está dez!!!!!!!!
    hugs, Eva