Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs

These bibs are really easy to sew and make great little gifts for mum-to-be.


Download Bib Pattern

1. Using bib pattern, sew your bib design using your chosen applique or patchwork technique.

For this bib I sewed patchwork squares.

Patchwork Bib

For these bibs I appliqued my designs.

Appliqued Bibs

2. When you have completed the design of your bib front, layer together your bib. Firstly, lay down wadding, followed by backing fabric and bib front (right sides together). Then sew around the bib shape, using a 1/4″ seam and leaving a 3″ opening on one side for turning through.

Layering Bib together

3. Trim off excess backing fabric and wadding around bib shape, leaving 1/4″ seams.

Trim with scissors

4. Cut small notches into curves as shown, to prevent puckering after bib is turned through. Use small sharp scissors.

Cut Notches into Curves

5. Turn bid through opening to right side. Press, making sure all edges are smooth and turned through.

6. Top stitch close to edges of bib. I use a slightly longer stitch for top stitching.

Top Stitch

7. Add velcro tabs on either side of top of bib for fastening.

Add Velcro Tabs

Your bib is now complete.

Completed Bib

Alternative Method

You may prefer this technique, using bias binding, which is the method I chose for this bib. It does make the bib fractionally bigger. I actually prefer the first method as it is more economical with fabric. Making bias binding does use a fair bit of fabric, unless you already have some pre-made.

Bib using Bias Binding

1. Firstly, I pieced  together my patchwork squares. Then I layered together my backing fabric, wadding and bib front in the correct order. I chose to quilt these layers together by quilting in the ditch. (fairly time consuming, just for a baby’s bib!)

Patchwork Squares layered up and quilted.

2. Lay bib pattern cardboard template on the right side of the bib and drew around the shape with pencil.

Cardboard Template laid on top of design.

Pencilled Tracing on Design

3. Cut out bib shape along pencilled lines.

Cut Out Bib Shape

4. Using 1 metre of bias binding, bind all around bib. (I machine stitch first side, turn binding to back and hand slip stitch the reverse). Where binding joins at beginning/end remember to fold over binding 1/4″ and overlap so there are no raw edges.

5. Add velcro tabs, as previously.

Completed Bib


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