Broken Hearts Cushion

Broken Heart Cushion

The hearts for this cushion are paper pieced.

Download the Broken Hearts paper piecing Pattern Sheet.

Here is a step by step process of how to paper piece one of the hearts.

Here is the paper piecing pattern for the top left heart. NOTE: The designs on the pattern sheet have been reversed ready for you to paper piece. This means the hearts will be the same way round as in my cushion. However, the hearts in the step by step photos are NOT reversed. Sorry, hope this does not confuse you. If it does, then just reverse the designs on your pattern sheet. (Hope that makes sense)

Paper Piecing 1

Follow the step by step photos for your paper piecing. It is important to place your first piece of fabric right side up. Thereafter each piece will be placed right side down. Remember that you will always sew from the paper side so that you can follow the stitch lines. This means that fabric is placed on one side of paper but sewn from the other side (paper side).Trim down your seams after each piece is sewn and then press.

Place the pattern sheet on a light box or tape up on a window in order to always place your fabric in the correct position.

Paper piecing 2

Paper piecing 2

Paper piecing 3

Paper piecing 4

Paper piecing 6

Paper piecing 7

Paper piecing 8

Paper piecing 9

Paper piecing 10

Paper piecing 11

Paper piecing 12

Once you have paper pieced each piece of fabric in place and pressed turn over to paper side and trim down to exact heart shape using pinking sheers.

Trimming heart

Your heart will now look like this.

Completed heart

All four hearts are paper pieced in the same manner using each individual paper piecing pattern.

Once you have completed your paper pieced heart, score through the stitching with a pin and pull off paper.

The small red heart is cut out using pinking shears and bonded on to the lower right blue heart.

I cut two 1½″ strips and bonded them (with bondaweb fusible) on the white background square. One from top to bottom centre and one from left to right centre to create 4 squares.  The hearts are then bonded on to each of these white back ground squares.

I have then quilted each heart in place and outline stitched using big stitch quilting and blue cotton a border thread. Or you could use embroidery thread. If you click on the top photo of the completed cushion you will see the quilting in more detail.

I have also outline stitched each seam with the same thread and big stitch quilting.

Finally I have made it up into a cushion using my easy Cushion Tutorial technique.




  1. Lovely cushion design plus excellent instructions for a first-time paper-piecer. Thank you very much x

  2. Muchas gracias por los patrones.Me encantan los corazones!!

  3. Muy lindo su almohadon, y muy claras sus explicaciones. gracias por compartirlo.

  4. Eulalia Isabel says:

    Hola Lesley.
    gracias por compartir, está muy lindo, tratare de hacerlo.