Fabric Corsage

This corsage is hand sewn and is very simple to make. A variety of different fabrics can be used. Here I have used voile and net.

Corsage Tutorial

This one has been made with cotton batik fabrics.


To make the corsage you will first need to draw out your paper template for cutting the fabric shapes.

For my corsage I have drawn my shape 4.5″ wide by 3.5″ high.

Corsage Template

It is hand drawn and does not need to be symmetrical as this will ensure that all petal shapes are different and interesting.

Then cut out your paper template.

Corsage paper template

Now you will need to cut a strip of fabric 5″ wide by 45″ – 60″ in length (depending on what length of fabric you have available).

Fold this strip of fabric in a concertina manner to finish a little over 5″ wide. It will have folds on either side.

Lay the paper template over the top of your folded fabric strip.

Corsage fabric preparation

Pin in place and then using scissors cut along petal shapes. Make sure you do not cut down along the last 1″ of the folded edges either side. You need this to remain as one continuous strip. Remember how you used to make paper dolls?

Paper Dolls

Your fabric strip will now look like this.

Corsage Fabric strip

If you would like to make your corsage in two different fabrics as I have done you will need to repeat this process with a second fabric. However, the depth of the template should be about  ½″ smaller in order for the second petal layer, which will be in front, to be finished a little smaller so that the first layer will show behind.

Now you will need to thread a needle with double thread and a sturdy knot at the end. I use hand quilting thread as it is a little stronger and withstands the tug of gathering up the petals.

Use a small running stitch to sew along the straight edge of your background layer of fabric. Sew a few stitches.

Corsage Running Stitch

Then gather up, pulling thread tightly.

Corsage gathering

You will notice that the corsage naturally begins to form a circular flower shape.

Continue sewing and gathering as you go, making sure you gather up stitches regularly and firmly until you have reached the end of the strip, which should now have formed a complete circular shape. Bring the beginning of the stitching and the end of the stitching together and join with secure stitching. You will now have one flower layer completed.


You could now finish the corsage off with one layer only if you wish, but if you want to add a second layer then repeat the process with your second slightly smaller fabric. Place the second fabric flower shape in front of the first and join together with a few stitches sewn through both layers at the centre.

Corsage Tutorial

Now turn over your completed corsage and sew a brooch pin on the back. These can be easily purchased on ebay.

Corsage brooch pin

Of course you may choose to attach a band instead, so that it can be worn on the wrist.

If you should find that your corsage fabric is a little heavier in weight causing there to be a hole in the centre, you could add a button or sew a suffolk puff to add to the centre to fill this gap.


Your corsage is now complete. Think of the many possibilities with different fabric combinations and different sizes.




  1. Marlene C. Osmund says:

    So beautiful and very informative, thank you 😀

  2. Pam Ellmer says:

    I love the corsage you have made can’t wait to make mine and I know my little granddaughter will want one as well,thanks lesley keep going with the ideas they are great.

  3. Rowena Kerr says:

    The flower corsages are so verrry pretty and will save your tutorial for future use…thank you so much!

  4. Joan Wells says:

    Thanks Lesley,
    I will make this tomorrow morning.
    Please don’t forget about a tutorial to cover a tissue box!
    Hope you are doing well, I think of you often, because of Biggles. He certainly was a handsome boy!
    Kind regards