Lattice Strips

Lattice Strips

Design Preparation

On paper, draw out a lattice design in the size you require. My design is drawn within a 12” (30cms) square. I want my completed design to make a 20” (50 cms) cushion.  I have drawn my design freehand and I really haven’t agonized over it for very long, as long as I have roughly even spaces between each lattice. I have then numbered each lattice strip. (this is only as a precaution, in case strips get moved out of order whilst working. A gust of wind maybe!)

Lattice Strip Design

Trace each individual lattice on to a piece of paper.

Individual Lattice Strips

At this stage I have numbered each lattice strip and included an arrow for direction.This is only as a precaution, in case strips get moved out of order whilst working. A gust of wind maybe!

I then proceed to cut out each strip from the paper

Cut out strips

Fabric Preparation

I have roughly measured each strip and I see that no strip is more than 2” x 12”. Therefore, I have cut a strip 2” x 12” from each of my ten strips of fabric and then ironed Bondaweb (Wonder-Under) on the wrong side of each fabric strip.

Bonded fabric prepared for lattice strip.

Lay out your bonded fabric strips on to your background fabric in the order that you would like to place them. I jiggle my colours around until I am happy with the colour placement. I have also latticed them, by placing them under and over alternatively, to get an idea of the design.

Fabric Layout

Remove first bonded strip of fabric from the laid out lattice and trace the corresponding paper design (reversed) on to the paper side of the bonded lattice. Remember to number it accordingly.The numbered pieces will then allow you to remember how to re-lay out the design, should your design become disturbed. Cut out traced lattice from the bonded fabric.

Replace the bonded lattice strip back into the space that you have removed it from in the design.

Lattice Strip replaced into design

Remove the second strip from the lattice and continue as before. I only work on one piece of the lattice at a time, ensuring that I replace it on to the background fabric each time in the order that I have removed it.

Adding second lattice strip

Continue in this manner, one lattice at a time, until you have cut out each lattice piece from fabric and added it back to the design.

All lattice pieces cut

Alternate your overs and unders of your lattice strips as shown, removing backing paper as you do so.

Lattice design prepared for sewing

Shift your lattice strips around slightly, until you are happy with the spacing and then iron lattice strips in place on the background fabric.

Applique the strips with your chosen method. I have used a small zig-zag stitch.

I have then added borders, quilted and made it into a cushion.

Lattice Strip Cushion


  1. sue morris says:

    I just bought some of your blue grey fab rics onh e may and this is a super project to use them


  2. michele picard says:

    interesting way and easy . so i could use a lot of remnants Thank you very much