Love Cushion

Appliquéd Love cushion with suffolk puffs

Finished Size: 14″ x 20″


Cushion Fabric (Black) .75 metres

Fabric Scraps for Letters and Suffolk Puffs

Fusible Web (Bondaweb)

Embroidery Thread x 2 skeins ( I used a variegated thread)

Small scraps of wadding

Cushion pad or stuffing


From Cushion Fabric cut:

Cushion Front 14.5″ x 20.5″

Cushion Back 2 pieces 10″ x 20.5″

Love Cushion Pattern Sheet – Click to Download

1. Trace letter shapes on to fusible web. Letters have been reversed on pattern sheet ready for you to trace.

2. Cut out letters from fusible web and cut out paper heart shape from pattern sheet.

3. Iron fusible web letters on to chosen fabric. Cut out fused letters.

4. Using the photo of cushion as an indication of placement, iron fused fabric letters in place and tack around heart shape to leave a guide for placement of Suffolk Puffs.

5. Applique letters using 3 strands of embroidery thread and blanket stitch.

6.  Cut fifteen 2.5″ circles from chosen fabric for Heart (Suffolf Puffs) using pinking shears.

7. Use small running stitch (and double thread) to gather around each circle. Pull up gathers tightly and secure.

8. Using colour photo as a guide sew Suffolk Puffs to cushion front, sewing through centre of each puff several times and securing.

Your cushion front is now complete

Heart Buttons:

1. Cut six 3.5″ squares for heart buttons from chosen fabrics (3 pairs).

2. Cut six 3.5″ squares of wadding.

3. Layer each pair of fabric squares right sides together with 2 pieces of wadding underneath (not between)

4. Draw around button heart shape (from pattern sheet) on to each fabric pile. Sew each heart directly on this line.

5. Cut out each heart shape from the squares leaving a 1/4″ allowance around. Trim out a small notch at centre of heart to prevent puckering when turned through and trim wadding down to minimum.

6. Cut a 1″ slit through centre of one fabric of sewn heart shape (being careful to only cut through one layer).

7. Turn each heart through slit and slip stitch each opening closed.

Making up Cushion:

Refer to Pattern Sheet diagrams for extra assistance with the following instructions.

1. Cut 2 strips of bondaweb 2″ x 21″.

2. Iron each bondaweb strip to one long side of each of cushion back fabrics.

3. Remove paper from bonded edge. Turn over long bonded edge by 2″ and iron down. This will give a neatened hem and provide edge with stability for bottonholes. Each piece of cushion back will now measure 8″ x 21″.

4. Sew three 1 1/2″ buttonholes on one bonded edge, spacing them equally apart.

5. Overlap the neatened edge of cushion backs by 1.5″ to make a cushion back measuring 14.5″ x 21″.

6. Place cushion front and cushion back right sides together ( buttonhole edge should be in centre) and sew around all four edges using a 1/4″ seam.

7. Trim corners, turn through and press.

8. Sew a line of stitching with a larger stitch 1/2″ inside edges of cushion on all four sides.

9. Sew a large blanket stitch around all four edges of cushion using 6 strands of embroidery thread (within previous stitched line)

9. Sew Heart Buttons loosely in place so that they can be pulled easily through buttonholes.

10. Insert cushion pad and your cushion is complete.

I hope you LOVE your cushion.


  1. You will find the templates on the Love Tutorial Pattern Sheet link towards the beginning of these instructions.

  2. Penny Venables says:

    Would like to make your ‘Love Cushion’ but can you please tell me where I can find the templates for the letters. Love your site and so do a number of my friends in our patchwork group.


  3. this pillow is very nice, I love it. Thank you for showing it to us

  4. What a great pillow. I love this. Thank you.

  5. oui que j’aime ce coussin d’amour !
    bravo et bises