Vignette Mystery Quilt – Useful Tips

I have joined in with the Vignette Mystery Quilt.

Mystery Quilt

I thought you may find it useful if I shared a few tips I have learned along the way.

1. I did not use Hanky Linen. I had bought some especially for the project, but I was concerned that when the finished quilt was washed it may shrink at a different rate to the rest of the cotton fabrics. So, I used a tiny white on white printed cotton. I used the fabric reversed and marked the design on the wrong side. This was easier to mark the design on as the print did not interfere with my marking pencil.The fabric was very easy to embroider on. You may be pleased to know this if you have been having difficulty buying the hanky linen.

2. I used a Clover Chacopen to mark my embroidery design on to the cotton fabric. Easy to use, with a nice fine tip and simple to erase if you make a mistake. There are other similar marking pencils on the market too.

3. I traced my stitchery on to the fabric before I placed the batting behind. But, I also found it useful to have a photocopy of the design above my work as I was tracing. Then, if I was unsure of what to trace I could check it against my photocopy.

4. Because I found it difficult to buy Parlan iron-on batting in the UK, I used a cotton batting and 505 temporary adhesive to attach my batting to the back of my block before I started the stitchery. This worked very well and I did not have a problem.

5. For the Shoofly blocks, you will see I have used my own choice of fabrics, but I found the effect was better to use a good contrast of lights and darks.

Vigneete mystery quilt first block completed

Important There is an error in the Vignette magazine instruction diagram for Block 1. The left red spot border should read 14″ x 2″ not 2½”.


  1. I am just starting my quilt and greatly appreciate all your tips. I live in the U.S. and I have to substitute the
    the parlan and hanky linen.

  2. The Frixion pen can also be purchased from Coles supermarket. I use it all the time and it also comes in different colours, it’s fabulous. I just embroider over the pen marks, then iron the back of the fabric once finished. Magic….

  3. Google WARNING FRIXION PENS for quilting purposes before running out to use this miracle pen! “these pens are too good to be true … the ink is always there even if you can’t see it.”

  4. Hi Everyone,
    I have found an excellent marking pen it’s made by pilot it’s called Frixion, and it removed by just ironing it. t can be obtained in stationary stores or WH Smiths

  5. hi hannah and those who wish to obtain vignette in stitches Leanne Beasley’s website is …
    there is a button on her site to email her. Lyanne lives in australia and is the author of Vignette

  6. Hi Hannah, and others wanting to know about Vignette in stitches. I have just found the authors website, where she has an email me button it is … Hope this helps

  7. Hi Hannah,
    I ordered mine from my local patchwork shop, I dont know where you are from but it is bi monthly, My shop is called It is in Cornwall but if you email Sally (the owner) she is very helpful and maybe able to point you in the right direction. Hope that helps

  8. Hello I am not sure what happened but I never recieved an answer back about the magizine, I am trying to find out what ones I need for the quilt patterns and is the pattern available to purchase all as one pattern? and is there a place to get a list of what amt of fabrics needed? I am dying to start this but can’t with out the info. I joind the group after it had been started. Thanks for any information you can give me.

    Very nice people !!!

  10. oh !!!! que c’est joli

  11. mary marshall says:

    The Vignette Mystery quilt looks to be quite interesting and fun.
    Any tips on how to acquire pattern?
    I cannot seem to find this Vignette magazine in the US.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  12. Diane Spaulding says:

    I like this pattern but am from the US. I don’t have a blog
    Is it available to Purchase? Love the embroidery work

  13. Hi I have joined this blog and want to do this quilt and would like to know where I get the magazine that has the pattern please, thanks.